Leading consultants in the design of working experiences


We are Gestal, a human talent consultancy specialized in Employee Experience, the new work approach that maximizes attraction and loyalty of collaborators. We began our activities in 2015, with the aim of being leaders in organizational growth processes and projecting ourselves as the first local consulting firm specialized in the design of the “Employee Journey Map”. We work to collaborate with companies in their development, contributing with quality, innovation and commitment throughout all processes we carry out.

Our mission

To generate quality processes focused on human talent management, promoting the growth of people and organizations facing up to the constant challenges of the labor market.

Our vision

To be Leading consultants in the design of working experiences.

Our values

Commitment to our people
Continuous Training
Personal and professional ethics
Team work


Who we are

Marcelo Suárez


Marlene Pruvost

Operations Manager

Gisela Ceresa

Administrative Manager

Alejandro Sánchez

Business Manager

Lucas Russo

Talent Acquisition Project Manager

Rocío Díaz

Communication Analyst

Candela Cabral

Accounting Analyst

Alan Michelena

IT Recruiter

Javier Trecco

IT Recruiter

Diego Alvarez

IT Recruiter

Luna del Rio

IT Recruiter

Nurly Lugo​

Generalist Recruiter​

Adriana Pérez

IT Consultant, R&D

Marina Acuña Segura

Customer Experience Consultant

Diego Cmet

Senior Ontological Coach

Lucía Rodríguez

Generalist Recruiter​