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Adding talent to your company has never been easier! Accelerate your professional search with our recruitment services and find outstanding candidates for every role in your organization in record time with Consultora Gestal!

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Comprehensive profile analysis

In addition to the necessary tasks and skills, we are well acquainted with the organizational culture and the work team that the candidate will be joining.

All over Latam

We have experience in searching for professional talent throughout Argentina and countries in the region.

Headhunting specialists

We have a team of specialized recruiters who work looking for the best talent using Linkedin and other innovative tools.

Psychometric testing

When the client requests it, we carry out psychological tests to predict the candidate’s degree of adaptation to the position.

Focus on the candidate

We prepare a detailed profile to report to the client and we take care of the candidate's experience throughout the selection process.


We accompany the new collaborator and their team, to facilitate the period of adaptation to the position and the company.

Additional services

Assesment Center

We evaluate the skills and abilities of the candidates by means of practical tasks.

Psychometric testing

We measure potential. Quality service, 100% remotely.

We are committed to understanding and improving the overall employee experience, which is essential for companies operating on a highly competitive global market.

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