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Allies of your growth

We have a team of specialists in the IT sector whose objective is to search and recruit the best candidates, both for on-site jobs and WFH (work from home).

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Reach throughout America

We find the most suitable candidates from across
the continent
, by means of our innovative headhunting tools.

Focus on #CandidateExperience

We design and implement the "Candidate Journey", an experiential journey that includes all contact points with our team and the client company.

All market profiles

We fill positions in the areas of Testing, Development, Architecture, Infrastructure and Data Science as well as leaders and C-level managers.

Employees on staff or contractors

Both options are possible, whether you are looking for workers to join your company, as external freelancers or for a specific period of time.

Agile progress

We work with weekly Sprints to optimize search times. We report learning experiences and build strategies together with our clients.


We permanently train our team to optimize the evaluation and application of candidates.

Reports on each candidate

We provide you with a detailed report on the skills, experiences and motivations of each candidate you will meet.

We are your best choice

Speed and efficiency in an increasingly dynamic market. We are distinguished by our excellent location in the technological pole of Córdoba and Argentina.

We are dedicated to understanding and improving the overall employee experience which is essential for companies operating in a highly competitive global market.

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