5 Common mistakes when implementing Employee Experience

Employee Experience is a new human resource management approach that is revolutionizing Human Resources areas around the world. It seeks to generate major engagement and loyalty with the company, following the same logic as Customer Experience, but in this case oriented to the collaborators of an organization.

Like every time a new trend begins to spread, it is frequent to make certain mistakes when applying it quickly to avoid the feeling of being left behind. My name is Marlene Pruvost and I am the leader of the Employee Experience service at Consultora Gestal. In this article I will comment on the mistakes you should avoid when implementing Employee Experience in your organization.

  • Copy what other companies do

Although benchmarking is useful and serves as inspiration, we cannot just transfer good practices that have been conceived and applied to other organizations into ours. One of the fundamental principles of Employee Experience is to find what distinguishes us, our authenticity and the characteristics of the culture that serve our business and the talent that accompanies us in the organization.

  • Focus on the benefits and compensation plan

It is also necessary to bear in mind that our distinction is not in the salary bands that we offer or in the benefit plan that we have developed for the company’s collaborators. If we start from the assumption that the only or main tool to attract talent is the economic factor, we will not have the possibility of retaining them when another company makes them a higher offer. We must work on the cultural and intangible aspects of our organization and the positions we offer so that these are the ones that have the greatest weight when a person decides to take part in the project.

  • Rely on the opinions of just a few people

It is not uncommon that when we have to make decisions in an organization, we base these decisions on opinions or data that some people provide us. Clearly, our perspective may be biased and may end up aligning with the perspective of those people. However, can we say that this decision is representative of the interests of the rest? What would the voices we have not heard have to say?

The main benefit of implementing Employee Experience is that it allows us to detect some assumptions we have been working on and put them to the test. The experience mindset will allow us to formulate hypotheses and validate them with specific data, to finally be able to say that we have a 100% data-driven human resource management area.

  • Think of it as an exclusive HR project

The Collaborator Experience is a cross-cutting concern throughout the business, in the same way that the customer experience and satisfaction is an objective of the organization as a whole and not only for the Customer Service or Sales area. This point is essentially important and human management projects often fail because it is not taken into account.

A collaborator’s experience within the organization depends to a large extent on their direct leaders and how they manage the day-to-day work in their teams. Therefore, it is essential to engage the leaders in the project. The more people within the organization getting involved, being aware of and valuing the collaborator’s experience as a key factor for the business, the more chances that the project will achieve good results.

  • Keep doing business as usual but with another name.

Conducting the same climate survey once a year, but only changing its name is not implementing Employee Experience. Nor is it a matter of measuring indicators once or twice and then forgetting about it. The implementation of EX implies a change in the mindset of the organization. This means that listening to the collaborator’s voice to collect relevant data when making decisions, should be continuous, instead of something sporadic or applied in specific situations.

If you want to know more about the EX service provided by Consultora Gestal, visit our website.

Lic. Marlene Pruvost
Founding Partner – Consultora Gestal
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