Four great challenges for an IT Recruiter

Have you already started recruiting IT profiles? Not yet? In any case, it is convenient that you read this article “Four great challenges for an IT Recruiter”. The daily task of the IT Headhunter presents great challenges that range from managing time and resources to interacting with people who are not looking for a job change. Find out more in this article:

High demand, shortage of profiles

Recently, there has been an acceleration on the market, and companies that did not have digital businesses have begun to run them. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend even more, which has led to a greater demand for profiles that are not available on the market.

For this reason, we, as recruiters, must break with traditional processes and be more creative.

How to face up to this new reality:

  1. Develop a Personal Brand.

This will contribute to positioning ourselves as recruiters, through a reliable and professional image either as collaborators in a company or as independent professionals.

Developing a personal brand will also increase our visibility to potential candidates, capturing their attention with actions other than just posting a vacancy notice. How do we achieve this? By sharing relevant information related to the software industry, providing recommendations to succeed in a job interview, mentioning recruitment trends, among others.

  1. Work as a strategic partner of the organization/client.

We understand the vision of the candidates’ market, thanks to their replies and feedback, whether they move forward or not to the interview stage. We act as true business partners, we share relevant Input to define profiles, conditions and hiring benefits.

To that end, we must hold daily conversations, report on what is gathered from the candidates’ market, and request immediate feedback. After all, both companies and recruiters are looking for the same thing: Talent willing to join the team.

  1. Nurture our network with IT candidates.

We tend to think that Linkedin is the only source of potential candidates, but this is not the case. There are multiple ways to add talent to our network… Can you think of any?

  • One of these is to request recommendations from colleagues or friends, as well as from candidates with whom we have interacted.
  • We can also browse groups from different social and communication networks, you have to be creative!
  • Another way to increase the volume of our network is to participate or collaborate on virtual events related to programming, where you will surely be able to make contact with many developers.
  • Last but not least, your fellow recruiters can also be facilitators of new contacts. Collaborate with them and ask them to help you with the most difficult vacancies.
  1. Draw attention through Engaging Posts.

Although the candidates we are looking for do not usually apply for vacancy notices, these actions allow us to position our personal brand as independent professionals or branding ambassadors of the company we collaborate with.

Rethinking the way we publish vacancy notices, using images, gifs, or interactive videos, can be useful to draw the attention of your audience. What are they interested in? What catches their attention? As you meet candidates, you will be able to answer those questions… but here is an example: most of them are true Star Wars fans.

IT recruiter offers are becoming ever more and more frequent on employment websites. This is due to the constant growth of the software industry. As IT recruiters, we should make an effort and break away from traditional processes to DESIGN new, more innovative, and creative processes.

Lic. Gisela Ceresa
Founding Partner – Consultora Gestal
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