Four great challenges for an IT Recruiter

Have you already started recruiting IT profiles? Not yet? In any case, it is convenient that you read this article “Four great challenges for an IT Recruiter”. The daily task of the IT Headhunter presents great challenges that range from managing time and resources to interacting with people who are not looking for a job […]

5 Common mistakes when implementing Employee Experience

Employee Experience is a new human resource management approach that is revolutionizing Human Resources areas around the world. It seeks to generate major engagement and loyalty with the company, following the same logic as Customer Experience, but in this case oriented to the collaborators of an organization. Like every time a new trend begins to […]

The ABC of Agility in HR

We are facing a paradigm shift, and the Talent area cannot be left behind. Although a large part of traditional industries is still unaware of what agility is about, this new “wave” is here to stay. Who will be favored? Those who first join this new way of being and doing in organizations. Below we […]